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Blood Related Disorders
Bone and Joints Related Disorders
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Endocrine Disorders
Eye Disorders
Gastro-Intestinal Disorders
Hearing Disorders
Heart Disorders
Immune-related Disorders
Lysosomal Disorders
Metabolic Disorders
Mitochondrial Disorders
Multisystem Disorders
Muscle Related Disorders
Neurological Disorders
Pigmentary Disorders
Renal Disorders
Reproductive Disorders
Skin Related Disorders

























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      Welcome to Indian Genetic Disease Database

The Indians represent one-sixth of the world population and India consists of ethnically, geographically and genetically diverse populations with several thousand endogamous groups. In some community the load of genetic disorder is relatively high due to consanguineous marriage practiced in the community. This database has been created to keep track of mutations in the causal genes for genetic diseases common in India and help the Physicians, Geneticists and other professionals related to genetic disorders to retrieve and use the information for the benefit of the families affected with the disorders.



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Pradhan, S., Sengupta, M., Dutta, A., Bhattacharyya, K., Bag, S., Dutta, C., Ray, K. (2011): Indian Genetic Disease Database. Nucleic Acids Res. 39 (suppl 1): D933-D938 doi:10.1093/nar/gkq1025       Read Article 



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